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SzivNet Flower Delivery Service - White bouquet with lilies and roses

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You are about to order the following arrangement :
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White bouquet with lilies and roses White bouquet with lilies and roses v69
Price : Large : 181 US dollars ( 153 Euros, 45790 Forints )
 Medium : 103 US dollars ( 87 Euros, 26050 Forints )
 Small : 51 US dollars ( 43 Euros, 12900 Forints )
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Product description

This white bouquet consists of lilies, mini carnations, santinis and Peruvian lilies.
Discounts :  if you have bought flowers from us before, we are offering you 6 US dollars ( 6 Euros, 1510 Forints ) loyalty discount per order for your future purchases.
If your order value reaches 120 US dollars ( 102 Euros, 30360 Forints ), your loyalty discount will be 10 US dollars ( 8 Euros, 2530 Forints ).
If your order value is 200 US dollars ( 170 Euros, 50600 Forints ) or more, your loyalty discount will be 20 US dollars ( 16 Euros, 5060 Forints ).
Order larger. If you buy an arrangement of medium or large size, we will add a complimentary box of chocolates to your present.
Prices and discounts above apply in case of deliveries by  our own florist network  only.
Currently, our exchange rates are  1 US dollar = 253 Forints, 1 Euro = 299 Forints and 1 Euro = 1.181 US dollar.
 Our price above includes shipping costs to all locations within a distance of 3 km calculated from their center, where we have a local florist ( except for Budapest ). In Budapest, a flat delivery fee will be charged to all shipments which is currently 12 US dollars ( 10 Euros, 3000 Forints ).
If you want to send flowers elsewhere in Hungary, shipping charge depends on the distance which you must select in the drop-down menu below or our customer service will help you to do so upon request.
Shipping charges can be found to all settlements in Hungary and to some locations in neighbouring countries  h e r e.
You can view a map of our local florist network if you click on the country picture at the bottom-right corner.

If you want to send your present to any other country than Hungary, an individual offer will be issued for you based on pricing of our partner company in that country. For this purpose, you are kindly requested to contact our customer service.

In case of shipping to certain settlements in Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Ukraine, Austria and Serbia which are located within the range of our florist shops, our inland pricing, delivery fees and business terms and conditions will be applied. Map of our florist network

Same-day orders to Hungary are welcome till 15 o'clock on weekdays as well as till 10 o'clock on weekends.
Information on delivery conditions on public holidays can be found  h e r e.

You are kindly requested to submit your order in case of deliveries on Sunday possibly until 10 o'clock on Saturday before because some of our florists may only work on Sunday if need arises, otherwise they remain closed. We can only guarantee delivery on Sunday for you if your order is placed and payment is completed on Saturday until the time written here, at the latest.

For more information, please read our  Frequently asked questions.

Important information about delivery times

By default, deliveries done by our own network can happen between 8 and 19 o'clock on weekdays, respectively 8 and 13 o'clock on weekends. We generally accept deadlines with a three hours' punctuality, except for weddings and funerals in which cases we deliver always on time, without extra charge. If you need delivery on time in other cases, please order Express delivery service.

Shipping between 19 and 21 o'clock on working days as well as between 13 and 21 o'clock on Saturdays and Sundays is only available if you order Express delivery service, upon agreement in advance.

We offer delivery every day between 21 and 8 o'clock and also in downtime on public holidays for an extra charge of 59 US dollars ( 50 Euros, 15000 Forints ) if agreed in advance.

Deliveries outside Hungary are available on weekdays only, but Saturday might also be possible in some cases. We cannot accept exact delivery time within the given day, except for funerals and weddings.

Please fill in the following order form :
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Recipient's telephone : Compulsory to provide. Please provide the number in order to enable our delivering agent to contact the recipient if not found at the given address.
Delivery date and time : If you leave this line empty, we will deliver your order at the next possible time.
Express delivery :Yes  No Price : 23 US dollars ( 20 Euros / 6000 Forints ).  In this case, your present will have priority and in working hours it will be delivered before other shipments, exactly on time and even within one hour. Available in Hungary only.
Your message :   Up to 150 characters.
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Add vase, chocolates, teddy bear, balloon, champagne or other accessories to your present :
Selection, size and availability of accessories may vary and depend on the stock at our shops. You can select only one item here.
If you want more items, please contact our customer service. We reserve the right to substitute any acessories if the ordered one is not available.
Select distance and shipping charge :
If you send your present to a location in Hungary where we do not have a local florist, please select the distance of your recipient from our nearest florist. Our customer service will help you to do so with pleasure upon request.
Please consider that distance must be calculated from settlement center to settlement center.

Currently, we are offering free delivery to 167 locations. Moreover, only a flat delivery fee of
12 US dollars ( 10 Euros, 3000 Forints ) is charged to Budapest and other 840 locations.

Exact shipping charges can be found to all settlements in Hungary and some locations in neighbouring countries if you click on the little truck picture on the right.

Warning !   If you fail to select the applicable shipping charge or you select a lower sum than needed, it will be subtracted from the value of your arrangement.
Our available payment methods
1. Bank ( wire ) transfer or cash deposit to bank account
If you select this, please submit and activate your order and then our bank account number will be written to you in our response mail where you must transfer your payment to or pay it in cash at any branches of Hungarian Foreign Trade Bank (MKB) and National Savings Bank (OTP).
Your order will only be accepted when your payment is credited to our account and not at the time when you initiate your transfer from your bank.
If you have a bank account in Hungary or in any EU country, we suggest you should select this payment method.
2. Western Union money transfer
If you choose this, please read our response mail carefully we send out to you upon your order submission. You are kindly requested to follow payment instructions exactly as they will be communicated to you.
3. Paypal or credit card on Paypal's secure payment page
You can send even small amounts easily and at low cost by Paypal to anybody having an E-mail address. You need to open a free account on their website in order to use this service. You must send your payment to the account which will be communicated to you in our response mail.
If you want to pay by credit card, please submit your order, activate it, then click on the appearing payment button. You can complete payment by Paypal very easily and simply with your credit card being good for internet payments even if you do not have a Paypal account yet.
Attention !  If your Paypal account is unverified or you have no Paypal account at all, 20 per cent of your paid sum will be withheld to reserve because of financial risk and security reasons. You can use up this reserve to your next flower purchase. In order to avoid this, we suggest you should verify your account first before you pay us. Payments from verified Paypal accounts will be used up in 100 per cent to your present order. Account verification is a simple process and takes a few minutes only. In urgent cases you will need to contact your bank's customer service by phone for this purpose.

Without further explanation because of security reasons, we reserve the right not to deliver your order in case of payments without Paypal registration or if your payment arrives from an unverified account. In these cases, we may request you to send us evidence about that your own bank account has been charged by Paypal or your paid sum has been separated and blocked on your own bank account. Your order will be shipped only then.
If you are unable or you are not willing to send us evidence, or it turns clear that you paid not with your credit card and not from your own bank account, in this case your order will only be delivered after 120 days which is the timeout for chargeback rights determined by VISA and MasterCard.
Limitations written above do not apply in case of sympathy and funeral orders.

Hint : we suggest you should choose bank transfer payment mode in order to avoid above-mentioned difficulties.
4. Credit card on OTP Bank's secure payment page
You can use this payment method if you have a credit card allowed for internet payments. If you choose this, please submit your order, activate it, then click on the appearing payment button. You will then get to the secure payment page of OTP Bank where you can enter data on your card and complete payment right away.
You can read OTP Bank's detailed information in English about this payment method in a new window, in PDF-format  h e r e.
Please select the way you want to pay :
( you can read our suggestions on payment methods for you in a new window  h e r e. )

Warning !  We have zero tolerance for fake and unserious orders. You are kindly requested to submit your order if you are willing and are in the position to pay for it because neither we nor your recipient will do so instead of you. If you submit a fake order, its consequence will be that you will be banned from our website and you will not be able to use our services any more.
By pressing Submit order button below, you acknowledge and accept our Order and Delivery Terms and Conditions.

If you have any questions, please call us at (36) 20-9883862 or write E-mail to our customer service .
Before writing to us or calling us, please read our  Frequently asked questions.
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