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Rendelési és szállítási feltételek

Order and delivery terms and conditions

 The order and delivery terms below apply to all our Valued Customers, regardless if you read them or not. Regretfully, in case of dispute, we cannot accept apologies that you are not aware of them. When you push      Submit order      button on the bottom of the order submission page, we consider you have accepted and acknowledged this agreement.


Customer acknowledges hereby the following :

  1. Seller works at prices and conditions visible on this website, any other sources are null and void. Seller reserves the right to change pricing anytime. Seller confirms orders by sending mail to Customer's E-mail address. Upon payment for the order, a contract between distant parties will come into existence between Seller and Customer.

  2. Seller publishes prices in three currencies ( US dollars, Euros and Hungarian forints ). Because of the applied rounding method without decimals, slight disparities may occur between the three prices compared to each other by calculating exactly at current exchange rates.

  3. flower arrangements are always hand-made products which are specially compiled upon Customer's order. There are no two fully identical bouquets and there may be slight differences compared to the picture shown on order submission page. The product will always be similar in its contents and outlook to the picture Customer has chosen. If Customer has ordered accessories to the flower arrangement, the availability of those depends on the stock or purchase possibility of the given Supplier or partner service provider. Seller cannot take any responsibility because of lack or unavailability of accessories.

  4. there might be a lack in availability or difference of flowers and accessories due to season and current stock at the given Supplier. In this case, Supplier will substitute the item with something similar to the original order. Slight differences from original order because of this reason cannot be regarded as Seller's defective or bad performance. In case of a reasonable difference, Seller will consult with the Customer about the possible solution. In case of urgent or same-day orders, Supplier can usually work from their stock being just available. Possible discrepancies which may occur in this case from Customer's order shall mean no faulty performance, either.

  5. since flower delivery is a very confidential and personal thing, Seller will always act with the possible highest attention and care so that Recipient's joy and pleasant surprise would be assured.

  6. Customer has to supply correct delivery data. Seller cannot be liable for any failure or bad performance because of such incorrect information.

  7. the ordered arrangement will always be delivered personally from hand to hand by Supplier's staff at the nearest local florist to the Recipient in Hungary and by a partner florist network in other countries. Seller never ships by post or by courier service companies such as DHL. Seller and Supplier will make every effort to comply with delivery time requested by the Customer, but cannot take any responsibility for delays originating from circumstances beyond its control such as bad weather conditions, traffic jam, accidents, burglary committed against our shops, fire, terrorism, demonstrations, other vis maior cases, etc. Delivery delay in these mentioned cases are not to be considered as late or faulty performance. Seller will immediately try to notify the Customer in such cases and will deliver as soon as these mentioned circumstances are over or have been moved out of the way. Deliveries can only be done to locations accessible by vehicle on paved public road.
    Seller's shipping charges to all settlements in Hungary as well as to some locations in neighbouring countries can be found here ( in Deutsch hier ). Shipping charges are calculated for distances on paved public road only.

  8. in case of orders to Hungary, Seller accepts delivery deadline with a three hours' punctuality. For instance, if Customer wants his present to be delivered at 14 PM, it can be done anytime between 12.30 PM to 15.30 PM. Exceptions are weddings and funerals, in these cases Seller delivers always on time. If Customer wants a timely delivery in other cases, Express delivery service must be ordered for this purpose, then the concerned shipment will have priority before others and will be delivered on time, even within one hour if needed, during working hours.
    In case of shipments to other countries, specific delivery time within the requested day cannot be generally accepted, except for weddings and funerals. Those are shipped everywhere always on time. In peak flower seasons such as Valentine, Women's Day and Mothers' Day, some delays may occur.
    Seller and Supplier reserve the right to deliver earlier than requested, this shall not be regarded as faulty completion.

  9. if Recipient is not present at the given address, Supplier delivers to the hands of a neighbour, a relative at the same address or to a collegaue at the same office or workplace.

  10. Seller cannot guarantee to deliver to the Recipient's hands in hospitals, hotels, military barracks and any other places where Supplier's staff are not permitted to enter. Depending on the situation, the arrangement will then be left at the doorman, security guard, hospital personnel or receptionist, etc., and shipping is to be regarded as orderly completed in these cases. If delivery cannot be successfully done by all means for the first time, Customer has to pay for repeated delivery, at least 12 US dollars ( 10 Euros, 3000 Forints ) in each case. Repeated delivery is only available in case of shipping by Seller's own network.

  11. if Recipient or any person acting in his / her behalf has orderly received and accepted the present, no complaint is possible about it any more. If Recipient or any person acting on his / her behalf refuses to accept the present because of any reason or if Supplier cannot deliver the present at the Recipient's address to anybody at all, it shall be regarded as if delivery has orderly been completed and no refund will be available for Customer. Arrangement will then be shipped back to Supplier's local florist shop and if nobody comes to collect it within 4 days, it will be scrapped. In case of flowering plants and accessories, duration of storage is max. 2 weeks. In case of unsuccessful delivery, Seller immediately notifies Customer in writing.

  12. if the arrangement gets damaged during the transportation, it will be replaced or it will not even be given to the Recipient at all and a new one will be delivered instead.

  13. if delivery is not done by our own network, (eg. deliveries outside Hungary), we reserve the right to slightly modify the order depending on the available selection of the partner florist company. Because of this, no liability can be taken and no compensation is provided. We can offer no compensation for occasional small divergences from delivery time committed by its partner companies.

  14. Seller's current prices and discounts are communicated on this website. Additional loyalty discounts are available for returning customers which are visible on the order submission page.

  15. currently applicable minimal order values :

    • deliveries to Hungary :  44 US dollars ( 37 Euros, 11000 Forints ) + shipping charge to locations where we do not have a florist
    • orders to all other countries, except for funeral wreaths :  130 US dollars ( 110 Euros, 33000 Forints ) - including all costs
    • funeral wreaths to all countries outside Hungary :  260 US dollars ( 220 Euros, 66000 Forints ) - including all costs and on time delivery

  16. In case of shipping to certain settlements in Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Ukraine, Austria and Serbia which are located within the range of Seller's florist shops, Seller's inland pricing, delivery fees and business terms and conditions will be applied. In case of deliveries to Serbia and Ukraine, double shipping charge has to be paid. To some locations of such, shipping charges can be seen here ( in Deutsch hier ).
    We have no set price list for deliveries to all other locations, an individual offer will be issued in each case depending on the current terms and prices of the partnering florist company in the given country.

  17. available payment methods are listed on the order submission page. Customer has to pay always in advance and within deadlines written next below. Supplier will not collect payment personally from Customer at his residence address and it is not possible to pay after shipping. If Customer pays more than agreed, Seller will not refund extra payment, but will use it up for the ordered arrangement.

  18. in case of Hungary, if there is no local florist in the Recipient's location, Customer has to pay shipping charge based on the distance calculated from Seller's nearest florist. If Customer fails to do so, it will be subtracted from the price paid for the selected arrangement provided it is high enough. The final remaining value of the arrangement cannot go under the minimal order value mentioned above, in that case, either. If it does and Seller cannot deduct the applicable shipping charge, delivery will not be done. In this case, Recipient can fetch the item at Seller's nearest florist personally.
    If order value reaches 260 US dollars ( 220 Euros, 66000 Forints ), free shipping is offered to the whole territory of Hungary.

  19. payment deadlines are calculated from the time of order placement and they are as follows below

    Seller is waiting for Customer's payment 1 banking day by cash deposit to bank account and Hungarian domestic bank transfer, furthermore bank transfer from EU countries, 5 banking days by bank transfer from other countries, 1 day by Western Union, respectively 1 hour by credit card and Paypal.
    Customer's payment must arrive 3 hours before shipping deadline at the latest or 1 hour before shipping deadline in case of Express delivery.
    If Seller does not receive payment until these deadlines, order will be considered null and void and will be deleted.

  20. orders are accepted day and night (24/7), their fulfilment can commence - after successful payment - between 8 and 19 o'clock on weekdays, between 8 and 13 o'clock on weekends and holidays in Hungary. On Valentine's Day on 14th of February, on Women's Day on 8th of March as well as on Mothers' Day, on the first Sunday of May, we deliver on weekday terms.
    Deliveries to any other countries are assured on working days, but in many cases it might also be possible on Saturday , too.

  21. in Hungary, between 19 and 21 o'clock on weekdays as well as between 13 and 21 o'clock on Saturdays and Sundays, delivery is only available against an additional shipping charge of 23 US dollars ( 20 Euros, 6000 Forints ), upon a preliminary agreement. Downtime or night delivery can also be requested every day between 21 and 8 o'clock against an extra fee of 59 US dollars ( 50 Euros, 15000 Forints ), upon an agreement in advance. The same extra fee applies for shipping on Christmas (25th and 26th December), Easter days and Whitsun as well as on Hungarian national holidays: 15th March, 1st May, 20th August and 23rd October. There is one exception if 1st of May is Sunday. In this case, Seller delivers as on weekdays because of Mothers' Day.
    Seller does not deliver on 1st of January, on New Year's Day, at all.

  22. possible shortest delivery deadlines are as follows

    in case of Hungary, it is generally 3 working hours starting from the time when payment arrives at Seller. In case of other countries, it is 6 working hours from that time. If Customer orders Express delivery service, shipping in Hungary may even be completed within 1 hour in working time.

  23. same-day orders to Hungary are accepted till 15 o'clock on working days as well as till 10 o'clock on weekends and holidays. Deliveries on Sunday are guaranteed only if Customer submits and pays for order till 10 o'clock on Saturday before, at the latest, because some of Seller's florists may only work on Sunday if need arises, otherwise they remain closed.

  24. Seller is not responsible for any kind of network failures, for any data loss because of downtime, outage, technical failure as well as for delays because of closed hours of banks. We are not liable if Customer fails to read his order confirmation mail carefully, does not follow payment instructions written exactly in it and any kind of loss or damage arise on Customer's side as its consequence, especially such as money transfers to a wrong bank account, if Customer does not communicate all Western Union payment data required to pick up funds in time, if payment by Western Union is sent to a bad Payable-to name and address, if Customer transfers payment by Paypal to a bad address, etc.
    It may cause delivery delay or even suspension or refusal of shipping if Paypal does not transfer funds apparently paid by the Customer, to Seller's bank account or transfers funds with delay, by mistake, error or any other reason.

  25. since flowers are quickly perishable goods and arrangements are especially made upon Customer's order, Customer has no right of withdrawal after purchase. If Customer cancels order after payment completion, a limited refund is possible only as follows:
    Until 48 hours preceding the requested delivery time, 50 per cent of the payment can be refunded, after this time no refund is possible any more. If Seller fails to deliver because of its evident and provable fault, all monies will be fully refunded to Customer.

  26. Seller's and Supplier's representatives treat Customer's personal data confidentially and do not reveal them before unauthorized third persons. Customer may also require that his name must not be revealed even before Recipient. Seller provides payment options such as cash deposit to bank account and Western Union payment which remain confidential and leave no trace on Customer's side. Seller registers Customer's E-mail address to its mailing lists in order to send newsletters to the Customer, maximally three times a week. Option to unsubscribe is included in each newsletter.

  27. Customer will be immediately banned and excluded from all future services of this website in case of any abuse, cheating, swindling and fraud or any kind of attempts to do so. We will use all available means of law in force against the perpetrator to make all its material and moral damage be compensated. Seller is not liable for any abuse in connection with their name before third parties.

  28. in case of dispute, Hungarian law shall be applied between the parties. Seller and Customer agree to try to settle dispute first in a peaceful way. If it is unsuccessful, they may turn to competent court in Szolnok / Hungary. In case of credit card fraud, Seller will file a legal claim against Customer, will inform the Recipient and the fraudulent case will also be reported to the police.

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